VAWA Extreme Hardship Factors:

The nature and extent of the physical and psychological consequences of the battering or extreme cruelty;

The impact of the loss of access to the U.S. courts and criminal justice system (including, but not limited to, the ability to obtain and enforce orders of protection, criminal investigations and prosecutions, and family law proceedings or court orders regarding child support, alimony, maintenance, child custody, and visitation);

The applicant’s or applicant’s child’s need for social, medical, mental health, or other supportive services, particularly those related to the abuse or surviving the abuse, which would not be available or reasonably accessible in the foreign country;

The existence of laws, social practices, or customs in the foreign country that would penalize or ostracize the applicant or applicant’s child for leaving an abusive situation, or for taking action to stop the abuse;

The abuser’s ability or lack thereof to travel to the foreign country, and the ability, willingness, or lack thereof of foreign government authorities to protect the applicant and/or the applicant’s child from future abuse.