We sabi say this matter fit dey turn head, con dey vex you ontop, but we go make everywhere soft for you. No worry yourself.

Everything way we go do go dey online, so you no go need get house girl or miss work. As we dey start, you go need fill out form way get questions. For this form you go tell us your story, tell us wetin dey do you, and wetin make you con fill this form. If you no get any wahala with am, our doctor go send you some tests (this one too na online).

After you don fill d form, con give us back the tests way doctor send you online, me and you go con do our own clinical yarn for video call, so I go fit know you con understand wetin your problem be. We fit jam once or plenty times, depending as the matter take be. But the money way you go pay na still d same thing. Our doctor way sabi how people head dey be go do tests for you as we dey talk. After we don finish da one, I go meet the woman make we yarn some clinical matter, then I go con use five days way people dey use work con fill form way I go give you. I go send copy go your lawyer place, and one go come your place make you look am tell me how e be, then you go con sign send me the final copy after we don finish.

The money for report na $2000, dis na for everything, meetings, test way dem go run, the talk way me and you go get, and the report way go get revisions. When we con open the file way get your matter inside, you go pay $500 deposit, then we go con give you the report as soon as you con pay the remaining balance way be $1500. Our reports go cost you plenty money na because dem dey very original, con accurate, and complete join, and na you go get them for hand in five business days after we complete the part of the work way we go write for paper, test, and the talk way we get.

If you one start the process, I go send you invitation to my client portal come your email. That na where you go find all the forms you go need complete. Abeg try answer all the questions make your answer dey very long, so I go fit write better reports for you. Try tell us everything way dey do you, and how you dey feel for your heart. E get space for there way you go use yarn me your story.

The client portal na personal something, and nobody fit use am if them never get your signature for form way we dey call release form.

After you don finish the matter for paper, you go receive like one or three messages way we go send con your email way get Hecht Ribaw Assessment as topic. These emails link something way we dey call test for brain or psychological tests way go check wetin doctor talk about wetin dey do you. The test way go dey your report about your clinal wahala go make d report make e strong well well. E dey very important make you dey yourself tell us true so we go fit write better report for you. We fit even do some of the tests for English and Spanish, and other languages way dey available.

The next step na the talk way me and you go get. We go meet online for my office way dey virtaul for here https://doxy.me/claudiarbaslcsw. Need no dey make you download software con create account join. You go just use computer or your phone browser way get camera, and microphone.  

 After we don finish the interview, e go take five working days (no be holidays or weekends oh) make we write report for you. I go come send copy of am come your side, and we go do plenty revisions sef, anyhow you want am (I no dey add money for revision). Then, after you con approve the report, I go con send copy go your lawyer side, and me and am go work together with the revisions till we don finish the report.

If you go like start the process now, abeg send me email or text message way get your full name and email address, and we go start.

If you get any questions, abeg just yarn me through email, text message, or phone call.

We dey here make we help, and we get you for mind.