How does my process work? Online. I will send you questionnaires via email (so you don’t need to miss work to come to my office). Please answer all the questions in the questionaries so I can write a rich and powerful Psychological Report for you. Share all your symptoms and how you are feeling emotionally.

The questionaries are confidential, and no one has access to it unless you sign a release form. After receiving the questionnaires back, I will read them and see if your case is in my area of expertise. If that is the case, I will interview you online using the Platform (encrypted and Hippa compliance). If we agree to work together, I will have the Psychological Report done for you in 4 days.

After that, I will contact your lawyer and do any revisions that are necessary for the Psychological Report to be perfect. In Summary, I will take care of everything for you! Contact us today, and let’s get the process in motion.