How Do I Work?


My work is done Online. So, you don’t need to miss work to come to my office. I will email you an invitation to my Client Portal – you log into the Portal and answer all the questions so I can write a rich and powerful Psychological Report for you. Share all your symptoms and how you are feeling emotionally. There is a space there for you to tell me your story. The Client Portal is confidential, and no one has access to it unless you sign a release form.

After that, you will receive a direct email from PARI (check Spam). It is a Psychological Evaluation that will give me your diagnosis and your clinical symptoms. Therefore, it is crucial to do the psychological Evaluation properly.

The next step is an interview Online on my virtual office using the Platform (encrypted and Hippa compliance). This interview is for me to be able to access your Mental Functions.

After I have all of this information on my hands, take me five business days (not holidays or weekends) to write your report. I will then send a copy for you to review, and we will do as many revisions as necessary (I don’t charge by revision). Then, after you approve the Psychological Report, I will send a copy to your lawyer and work hand in hand with she/him, doing as many revisions as necessary until the Psychological Report is perfect.

In summary, we will work together, and  I will take care of everything for you!

Contact us today, and let’s get the process in motion.